Ear Pwr…Pwrful Noiz


Well, my review at Blurt unveils all but I’ll unleash a quick synopsis of how I happened upon, acquired, and thought of Ear Pwr’s release, Super Animal Brothers III:

1. Heard high strung, yet catchy, track “Future Eyes” on KEXP
2. Eagerly snatched the oppurtunity to review album for Blurt
3. Listened to a track…skipped to the next…winced…skipped to the next…bopped my head and danced…listened to the next song…skipped to the next
4. Quickly jotted out a review to move on to the next album on my list

Ear Pwr’s goal is to create child-like, spastic sounds; and, they have a heavy following that appreciates their tongue in cheek whims. If Ear Pwr sounds like the band for you, check ’em out!