You Should Know Pax & Pry

Welcome to my brand new You Should Know section of ye olde blog. Here I’ll discuss some under appreciated artists that should be on your radar. The lucky contestants to be mentioned first, Dutch rap group, Pax & Pry. Now, I am one who quickly tired of the same ol scheme we tend to see in rap, it is definitely not what it used back when I was a youngin’. So I searched far and wide for some unique groups.

With great beats laced together by Pry and Pax’s lyrical stylings, this talented duo is just giving it away for free! No really! The duo is open to sharing their artistic expression with all and have both of their jam packed releases for free downloads on their site. When is the last time an artist has done that? So, please, give Pax & Pry a listen, spread the word and enjoy their music…

Here is my favorite track from their 2007 release A Day At The Office, enjoy!

Pax & Pry – Back Again

[audio: B(ack) Again.mp3]

In fact, be sure to check out Pax & Pry’s label, Beats Broke, they have A LOT of excellent artists on their roster.