All Rise for Augustines!

Brooklyn band Pela went through many obstacles before deciding to call it quits in 2009.  As they wrote on their site:

“Over the past 2 years we’ve faced tremendous obstacles.  We recorded an album twice, had a falling out/legal battle with our old label, fired 2 managers, had a big record deal fall through, and Billy had a hand injury followed by a foot injury.”

Yet, we Pela fans can be thankful that Billy McCarthy and Eric Sanderson persevered, joined forces, and released debut Rise Ye Sunken Ships. Well, read about it in the Blurt review below:


Promising Brooklyn band Pela disbanded in 2009 yet the talented musicians are returning. Former lead guitarist Nate Martinez went on to form Thieving Irons, while former lead singer, Billy McCarthy, and bassist, Eric Sanderson, have resurfaced-with Rob Allen on drums-as We Are Augustines. Debut ‘Rise Ye Sunken Ships is a welcomed arrival. One of the best equations of Pela was McCarthy’s entrancing, raspy voice and once again Pela fans can swoon to his enthralling vocals.

‘Rise Ye Sunken Ships is sonically similar to Pela, and also falls into the classic, American rock genre, yet proves more muted and introspective. And equally impressive to the contemplative scope of the lyrics are their sources of inspiration as explained by McCarthy. The catchy single “Chapel Song” contemplates the emotions of watching a former love marrying another. “Augustine,” the rocky relationship between brothers; and “Patton State Hospital,” the heavy burden of placing a loved one, formerly institutionalized, in the state hospital of the same name.

A fine return for McCarthy and Sanderson, ‘Rise Ye Sunken Ships will hopefully prove the catalyst of a lengthy career for the talented trio.

DOWNLOAD: “Chapel Song,” “Patton State Hospital”

Check out We Are Augustines‘ site to learn more about the lads and enjoy the uber catchy, “Chapel Song” right here.

New Artist: Thieving Irons

After the sudden split Brooklyn band Pela, who were rising stars (yes, I dared to say it and it is not an exaggeration, even Rolling Stones praised the quartet as “Artist to Watch”), I was glad to hear that Nate Martinez has not yet bid the music scene adieu. As the former lead guitarist of the defunct band, Martinez now takes center stage and has put together an album that takes a different sonic direction than Pela’s pop-rock.

A promising debut, I hope to hear more from Mrtinez. Check out his new solo project under the moniker Thieving Irons and support an independent artist (Martinez even released the album on his own label). And, as always, take a gander at my review with Blurt Magazine here.