Interview: O+S


If you are not familiar with O+S perhaps you are aware of the names Azure Ray…Remy Zero…Scalpelist…Orenda Fink, no? Well ya should be, familiar with those names that is you under-a-rock dweller you! In all seriousness, O+S is the new project between musicians/friends Orenda Fink (of Azure Ray fame) and Cedric Lemoyne aka Scalpelist (of Remy Zero fame).

They have crafted some ethereally hypnotic, catchy tunes with their new self titled debut…I had the lovely pleasure of interviewing Orenda for Paste Mag to educate the masses about her new musical venture. Check out the interview here and listen to O+S here!
You’ll won’t regret it…listening to their tunes…and reading my article 🙂