Miike Snow Live

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In a short period of time the eclectic dance trio’s notoriety is skyrocketing! And deservedly so, their self titled debut is an amazingly orchestrated album BUT since their 2009 release, perhaps the guys felt the need to change up the song’s live performances. So, to treat their audiences to something new they remixed nearly each song…this change was not wholly welcomed on my part but they still put on a great, energetic live performance.

Yet, from the photographer’s perspective it was not the best environment…fog machines…very few lights…and did I mention the smoke? But when I did get a usable shot every once and a while they came out kinda cool thanks to the fog and few lights! Enjoy the images, all were taken on Pentax K7.

Miike Snow: Inducing Rump Shakin’


That’s right! I’ve said it! Miike Snow’s debut album is a fun, get off your ass and shake it, kind of an album. In case you could not tell, I love it! And though there are critics who are not fond of their tunes (I’ve read a few overtly negative jabs out there) I say grab a seat, take a listen and be the judge.

Read my review at Blurt here, check out Miike Snow here, and listen to one of my favorite songs below…

Miike Show – Cult Logic