Jack Penate Returns Anew

I wasn’t a huge fan of Jack’s debut album Matinee. It was a blend of 50s rockabilly, rock and ska…not quite my thang. However, Jack returned, turned a new leaf and entered “dance” territory with sophomore album Everything Is New. Here he shows a “sonic maturity” and has now blended rock, dance, calypso-you name it-to create a fun, pop album. My review for Blurt is here, and most definitely check out Jack here.

More free music to stream, here’s the title track…a fun, upbeat song to dance along to!

Jack Penate – Everything Is New
[audio:http://www.writographer.co.nf/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/03 Everything Is New.mp3]

(*and don’t be alarmed-there’s a slow crescendo here…so it’ll take 20 seconds before you hear a CRASH o’ musica)