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I began writing for music magazines in 2005! Many concerts attended, film rolls developed, and albums reviewed later, here is a small sample of articles.

  • Album Review: Frigs’ Debut LP Basic Behavior

    Album Review: Frigs’ Debut LP Basic Behavior

    This is one band I’m excited to see live when possible; their sound is kinetic, chaotic, melancholic…and amazing! Check out up-and-coming band: Frigs! For Blurt Magazine:Label: Arts & CraftsRelease Date: February 23, 2018 Toronto post-punk quartet Frigs—formerly Dirty Frigs—created a charged debut LP that is unapologetically jagged and intensely electrifying. Only on a first name basis…

  • Album Review: Joakim’s Samurai – Proof Positive Electronic Music Can Be Unique

    Album Review: Joakim’s Samurai – Proof Positive Electronic Music Can Be Unique

    To the naysayers who believe that electronic music is all the same, or “not real music” (just read a few comments on youtube videos…sigh) they’re not listening to the right artists. Joakim is indeed an artist in every sense of the word, from the eclectic sounds he creates down to the cover art for his latest…

  • Phantogram Live: More Than Just An Optical Illusion

    Phantogram Live: More Than Just An Optical Illusion

    Bringing magic to their fans’ eyes and ears, duo Phantogram brought a spectacular show to Rochester, NY. I’m ready to see the talented musicians in concert again! From a photographer’s viewpoint, it was a dark stage – so silvertone filter to the rescue! I’m more partial to B&W photography and high contrast, and I think…

  • Roisin Murphy Live in Toronto!

    Roisin Murphy Live in Toronto!

    The fan girl in me was psyched! A long time fan of Moloko, I missed the opportunity to see Roisin Murphy live 8 years ago. So here we were, almost a decade later, and the talented singer herself was touring again! I made sure not to miss this show and, as expected from the experienced musician,…

  • Album Review: Kelly Lee Owens’ Colorful EP

    Album Review: Kelly Lee Owens’ Colorful EP

    This may be Kelly Lee Owens’ first EP but she is not brand, spanking new to the music scene. A young producer getting her proverbial musical “sea legs” on the ground, Owens shows great promise for her first release. For Blurt Magazine: Label: Smalltown Supersound Release Date: October 21, 2016 Kelly Lee Owens fully steps into…

  • Album Review: Cross Record’s Wabi-Sabi

    Album Review: Cross Record’s Wabi-Sabi

      Cross Record has created such a weird, trippy, creative album that it’s hard to pinpoint…and something tells me, that was the goal.  An ethereal ride Wabi-Sabi is starting off 2016 right! For Blurt Magazine: Label: Ba Da Bing Records Release Date: January 29, 2016 Cross Record, husband-wife duo Emily Cross and Dan Duszynski, returns with their second album; following their…

  • Album Review: Interpol’s El Pintor

    Album Review: Interpol’s El Pintor

    OK! I couldn’t go through with an El Pintor-Spanish for The Painter-metaphor as an opener. Just trust me when I say: Interpol is back and they sound amazing! The gents are in form with their latest, El Pintor, and–if I don’t say so myself–have out-shined their last release, 2010’s Interpol. Where I walked away pocketing a few favorite songs…

  • Interview: Cold War Kids’ Soul Punk

    Interview: Cold War Kids’ Soul Punk

    A brief encounter with vocalist Nathan Willet, discussing his band’s recent EP and their plans for the future. The number of artists melding blues, rock, pop and soul into one is on the rise. However, many musicians merely reenact sounds from our musical past and often remain in the confines of this paradigm. Enter California’s…

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