Writer. Content developer. Photographer. Music journalist. An all-around awesome!

I am a writer/editor who has finessed these skills as a freelance music journalist and copywriter. Since a child I possessed a creative flare for writing and—given the 80s E.T. craze—for one of my 4th grade English assignments I decided to write an alien story. It was about a young boy who discovered a spaceship that touched down in his backyard (highly creative, I know, don’t tell Spielberg).

The boy and the alien had to hold a conversation, and as I began writing the youngster’s dialogue my 9 year old brain thought, “how can he talk to an alien? They don’t speak the same language!” So, for my alien dialogue I decided to leave out letters of each word to illustrate that the alien was still learning this foreign-to-him language. Jst = just, wuld = would, hlo = hello. I thought I was a little genius to come up with this idea! I even drew a little illustration with my story. A 1950s B-movie, styled saucer resting amongst bushes while my little boy and four-digited alien stood in the backyard talking.

I waited eagerly to see what my teacher thought when she returned everyone’s assignment. “Peons!,” I thought, “they didn’t even have a report cover like I did!” Ok, perhaps not those precise words/thought, I was 9, but you get me! And then my essay fell on my desk. For every intentionally misspelled word she put a red line through it and wrote out, in the same red pen, the correct spelling for each word. I was dejected. Enter a harsher word than peon…

Fast forward to today I have since directed my creativity to freelance writing, copywriting/editing, and photography, all of which are on display here. I leapt into music writing to combine my love of music, writing and photography and my work has appeared with: Filter Magazine, Loose Record, Harp Magazine, Artrocker, and Paste Magazine.  I am now a staff writer and photographer for Blurt Magazine.

Last but not least, for the fellow photo buffs, my images are a combination of B&W film and digital. My primary film cameras, TWO oldies but goodies, the Minolta XG-1 and Olympus OM-2n. The digital, a Pentax K-7.

All images are copyrighted ©2006-2018 April S. Engram.