A writer, editorial designer and photographer, I leapt into music writing to combine my love of music, writing and photography. My work has appeared with: Filter Magazine, Loose Record, Harp Magazine, Artrocker, and Paste Magazine.  I am now a staff writer and photographer for Blurt Magazine.

I’ve also used my word-smithing in other arenas as I create copy such as: brochures, posters, flyers, programs, guidebooks and more. I also provide editing services to those who need to spice up some wordage and make it sound sexy! Or scholarly. Or fun. Or professional. Or {insert adjective here}…

Last but not least, for the fellow photo buffs, the majority of my images were taken on B&W film but I have taken the digital plunge. My primary film cameras, TWO oldies but goodies, the Minolta XG-1 and Olympus OM-2n. The digital, a Pentax K-7.

All images are copyrighted ©2006-2017 April S. Engram.