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Travel to Cape Cod

A Picturesque Seaside Escape Just a Drive Away 

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Whether you’re a traveling family or couple or just flying solo, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, offers an array of experiences for every kind of traveler! Are you looking to relax on the beach? Explore nature? Enjoy a night on the town? Cape Cod has it all. 

“But is it safe to travel right now?” may be a question on many travelers’ minds. However, many businesses have implemented safety measures to ensure patron’s safety. And the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce outlines the latest safety guidelines for anyone who desires to visit their fair Cape. 

Become One with Sand 

Cape Cod boasts 559.6 miles of coastline! Several sprawling beaches await you. Picturesque lighthouses, dunes, boardwalks and a wildlife sanctuary all grace the Cape’s coast. And, dependent on which part of the Cape you visit, you’ll be able to see the beach and sea life just beyond your front door! 

Enjoy Nature 

If you’d like to see the Cape at your own pace, bike, paddleboard or kayak rentals are available. You can choose to explore solo or have a guided tour. The Cape also hosts several family-safe bike trails away from major roads. 

Whale or Seal Watching 

There are ports throughout the Cape where you can launch your on-the-sea adventure! From the middle of the Cape, Barnstable, to the very end (called the fish’s tail), Provincetown, many a sea crew offer the unique opportunity to see the Cape’s sea life up close! 

Please Your Inner Foodie  

Outdoor dining is everywhere on the Cape. Delicatessens, bakeries, ice cream shops and more are sprinkled throughout the Cape, and you’ll find more than tasty seafood. Every town has its “must-taste” location, but a tradition in Provincetown is to visit the Lobster Pot. Fresh seafood, Portuguese specialties, steaks and more await you. 

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