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Introducing AAA Travel with Pride!

A new AAA Group Travel program

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AAA Travel Sales Manager Christopher Goerss, who launched the new program, is excited to announce its first trip: the international, adventure destination, Costa Rica! We asked Christopher about his first group travel tour.

The travel dates for this exciting excursion, titled Pure Vida, are slated for January 13 – 22, 2022. Travelers will spend ten glorious days in Costa Rica, visiting several cities before their grand finale in the coastal province of Guanacaste. Christopher, and a local tour guide, will accompany the travelers for a tailored tourist experience.

By creating Travel with Pride, Christopher is fulfilling two of his travel dreams. He can share his joy of travel and start an inclusive travel group where acceptance and a supportive community can grow. Christopher shared his desires, excitement, and hopes for this new AAA group travel experience.

“It’s an adventure package, it’s very active, there’s are a lot of exploring, and Costa Rica is an accepting space for the LGBTQ+ community. There’s a lot of interactive activities to help build and foster the group,” Christopher explained.

As a group travel package, Pure Vida offers travelers experiences and amenities that would take the individual traveler longer to research and plan, but in this case, all the work is done for them! This excursion includes nine destinations and stays at five hotels as the group traverses across Costa Rica. 

“I think this is an awesome package! It includes your roundtrip airfare and the ten-day tour: multiple meals, experiences, and excursions. Transportation to and from the airport and the hotels as well; actually, transportation throughout the vacation,” Christopher said. 

The all-encompassing package does not include just two items Christopher highly recommends to future travelers eyeing this terrific experience:

  • Travel insurance
  • Spending money 

“Traveling internationally, you will need travel insurance to cover any health or medical concerns. This trip is an active one; we will be touring the rainforest, and there’s an opportunity to go water rafting. You don’t want to be stuck without the additional insurance in case of an emergency, he explained.

And as for that spending money, Christopher reminds travelers that they will have free time during the trip to explore local sights! He suggests a small budget to cover any souvenirs or extra meals that may entice you.

Get to Know Your AAA Travel Mate & Expert

Christopher joined AAA three years ago, and Travel with Pride was in his sights from the beginning, “I love supporting the LGBTQ+ community, and I feel we are at a point in time when it’s ok to be you, and it’s ok to be seen. So, to be able to bring people together is what it’s all about for me!” 

Also passionate about the arts and culture, Christopher caught the “travel bug” young as he moved a lot in his youth. He loved the opportunity to meet different people and cultures. His favorite destination is the Southwest (New Mexico to be precise), and the Albuquerque Balloon Festival is his favorite travel memory! “Being able to experience other cultures opened my eyes to the beauty of exploring and traveling. To be able to offer similar experiences to others is so fulfilling.”

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