Mr. Lane 8 Rising


Be sure to follow Lane 8 and see what this talented producer/musiican will do next as this promising debut is just the start!

For Blurt Magazine:
Label: Anjunadeep
Release Date: July 15, 2015

The Upshot: House and downtempo electronica with memorable hooks on a promising debut.

Daniel Goldstein, aka Lane 8, is a producer garnering attention for his electronica that blends house and chill dance music. For his debut album,Rise, Lane 8 has created laid back, airy, danceable sounds that prove catchy and entrancing. Some of the tracks blend together as the ethereal production does not differ greatly from each other and Lane 8 doesn’t stray far from the ‘four to the floor’ pattern that is typical from the genre. Yet this is where all of the fantastic guest vocalists on Rise add a layer of variety on the album.

From British electronic duo Solomon Grey to upcoming artists such as Patrick Baker and Ara Scott their light vocal stylings melds perfectly to the gentle sounds Lane 8 creates. “Undercover” features Matthew Dear whose deep, slow-paced voice provides a nice juxtaposition to the tracks’ weightless beats. One of the best tracks on the album, “Loving You,” includes British Lulu James’s powerful, soulful voice; the song slowly builds over organ like synths before taking off with heavy drum and bass and James’ echoey vocals soaring above it all. Instrumental “Cosi” is a fun track whose reverbed synths float over quieted drums and ambient noises. Continuing the heavenly vibe setup by “Cosi,” both “Sunlight” and “The Great Divide” feature female vocalists whose genteel voices accentuate the soft sounds.

Rise is a promising debut full of strong songs that are enjoyable and memorable; having all of the songs housed together on one album might prove monotonous for some or a perfect quiet escape for others.

DOWNLOAD: “Loving You,” “Sunlight,” “Undercover,” “Diamonds”

Check out my favorite track on the album “Loving You.”

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