Caribou Shares His Love

UPDATE! Caribou finally has an official video for my favorite track off Our Love, “Cant’ Do Without You.” The best song from the album, if I do say so myself, I hope you enjoy this track!

And be sure to see him live if you can:

JULY 2015
16/7/15 Colours of Ostrava Festival Ostrava, Czech Republic
17/7/15 Latitude Festival Suffolk, UK
18/7/15 Longitude Festival Dublin, Ireland
19/7/15 Pitchfork Music Festival Chicago, IL

01/8/15 Osheaga Festival Montreal, Quebec
02/8/15 HARD Summer Music Festival Pomona, California
06/8/15 Summerstage New York, NY
07/8/15 Supercrawl @ Pier 4 Park Hamilton, Ontario
08/8/15 Danforth Music Hall Toronto, Ontario
09/8/15 Outside Lands Festival San Francisco, California
12/8/15 Øya Festival Oslo, Norway
14/8/15 Way Out West Festival Goteborg, Sweden
15/8/15 Ruhrtriennale Bochum, Germany
21/8/15 Lowlands Festival Biddinghuizen, Netherlands
22/8/15 Dockville Festival Hamburg, Germany


If you enjoy dance music then Caribou is a must on your playlist! In fact, if you are a fan of dance and electronica and do not know Caribou…then I publicly shame you! Person I do not know…via the internet signals.

The seasoned musician is onto his seventh album since his 2001 debut and he shows no signs of slowing down and multiplying his EDM talents! Our Love is a solid album balancing instrumentals and vocal tracks, read more about it below!

For Blurt Magazine:
Label: Merge
Release Date: October 07, 2014

Electronic, dance music producer Dan Snaith has returned with his seventh album Our Love under the moniker for which he is most recognized, Caribou. His last release, 2012’s Jiaolong as Daphni, was a fast-paced, club inspired, mostly instrumental affair. In the vein of what fans expect from Caribou, Snaith has created a more laid back atmosphere with Our Love that still gets you dancing. And as one might expect from the title, Love lyrically explores the aged old conundrum of love and fragile relationships.

The 10 track album includes a few instrumentals, “Dive,”“Julia Brightly”and “Mars,”that prove not as strong as the lyrical numbers. “Second Chance”is a slow paced, pulsating R&B tinged track with guest vocals by fellow electioneer producer, songwriter Jessy Lanza. A sonic change of pace from the rest of the album, “Second Chance” is a song that stands out as it stylistically diverges from the rest of the album but is still not the highlight of Love. The best moments are those where Snaith lends his soft, nearly inaudible falsetto that gently glides with the music.

“Silver,”“All I Ever Need,”“Back Home”and “Your Love Will Set You Free”are all solid numbers. Single “Can’t Do Without You”is easily the best song onLove. Reminiscent of 2010’s “Sun”from Swim which lyrics comprised of the singular word sun, “Can’t Do Without You”is a fun, upbeat track that only includes four lines and the repeated chorus of “Can’t do without you.”It’s an equation that sounds like it should not work, yet Snaith does it again as he builds from a calm, reverbed intro before exploding with drums, keyboards and effects. The same can be said for title track “Our Love,”yet the already danceable song changes halfway and what began as a calm steady track transforms into a trance-like, upbeat dance number.

The well crafted moments within Our Love outshines the weaker numbers and makes the album a fun and danceable listen.

DOWNLOAD: “Can’t Do Without You,” “Our Love

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