Menomena’s Ode To Family

Menomena is back and still kicking! The creative trio lost a member but the Portland band’s unique angle on music remains…in fact it might be slightly more askew…in the best possible way! Read the Blurt Magazine review below:

(Barsuk Records)

Always brutally honest with their words and creative with their music, Portland trio Menomena has returned anew after Brent Knopf left the band after their 2010 release, #mines#.  This Menomena fan was saddened to learn of the dismantling of the trio and mourned the loss of future music. Luckily my mourning dress can be torched as Justin Harris and Danny Seim regrouped and released #Moms#.
A sonic evaluation of the impact their family had—and continues to have—on their lives, Harris and Seim continue their unique crafting of music with their fifth album. Though as lyrically pensive and jarring as 2010s #Mines,# #Moms# manages to dance the waves of the normative melancholic sea that is Menomena and not drown in it. “Plummage,” “Capsule” and even “Pique” commences the album on a musical upbeat and lighter note. Even with the latter’s lyrics: “Now you made me/With no clue as how to raise me…You’re in my bones and you’re in my teeth/Imperfect form from imperfect seeds” you can’t help but sway to the beat and heavy bass.

Mid-way through the album, #Moms# slows in it’s pace but is just as hypnotic; “Tantalas’” mesmerizing melody and rhythms and while “Latexas” evokes images of the Old West with its horns, galloping drums and the rattle of a guiro. A great return for this reinvented band, Menomena continues to sonically astound.

DOWNLOAD: “Tantalas,” “Don’t Mess With Latexas” APRIL S. ENGRAM

Be sure to keep Menomena on your radar at all times, you will not be disappointed!

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