All Hail Helio Sequence!

I love, LOVE, this talented duo! After a four year silence since their last, and equally great album, Keep Your Eyes Ahead, I for one am psyched for this release. And you must see Helio Sequence live, you will be even more enthralled by their amazing performance! But onto the review of Negotiations, read the Blurt Magazine review below:

The Helio Sequence
(Sub Pop Records)

The versatility of duos is ever amazing and it has been a long wait, four years to be precise, since Brandon Summers (vocals, guitar) and Benjamin Weikel (drums, keyboard) have released an album. Helio Sequence’s self produced, fifth LP, #Negotiations# is more pensive and subdued when compared to 2008s acclaimed album #Keep Your Eyes Ahead.#
This talented twosome knows how to create massive, ethereal sounds with their carefully selected instruments and effects; a sonic foray that is epitomized on the closing title track, “Negotiations.” At times, unfortunately, their penchant for calm, atmospheric compositions becomes homogenized when all confined onto one album; a song begins with plucky guitar, Summers enters with his calm vocals and Weikel’s drums (plus Summers’ lead guitar over his looped rhythm guitar) builds the track to a climax. Yet, the good definitely outweighs the bad as tracks like “Downward Spirals,” “Silence on Silence,” “One More Time,” “Negotiations,” and “When the Shadow Falls” cannot help but to snare you with their infectious beats.

A welcomed, warm and quality return for Helio Sequence, #Negotiations# yet again unveils the superlative sonic possibilities of these talented gents and how their creativity perfectly complements each other.

DOWNLOAD: “One More Time,” “Downward Spirals” APRIL S. ENGRAM

So follow Helio Sequence and check out a lovely live performance of the title track, Negotiations! It was recorded with KEXP, LITERALLY the only radio station I listen to!

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