The Horrors Take to the Sky

The Horrors continue to grow as a band and are slowly shifting their sounds from the entrancing, menacing, organ laden, “Addams Family-esque” punk to the great album reviewed below!

Blurt review below:

The once aptly named Horrors has returned with Skying, their third full length release. The UK quartet’s 2007 debut was an eerie, garage rock affair and we were introduced to their goth looks and macabre pseudonyms – Faris Rotter, Coffin Joe, and Spider Webb, to name a few. However, with each album the band has impressively transitioned from the dirty, punk-rock sounds of Strange House to more lush arrangements. This fact may sound like a death wish for early Horrors fans but you need not fear, as Skying merely rests on a different gauge on the same post-punk spectrum.

Opener “Changing The Rain” introduces us to the mellow sounds to come but next track “You Said” is where the album truly takes off. The bass laden, catchy “Still Life” is most reminiscent to previous release Primary Colors. Yet trickery is the pace of Skying as it is not till the end of a track when the Horrors truly explore their sonic terrain. “Endless Blue” greets us with a slow intro before exploding with heavy guitars while the cool choppy keyboard and drums of “Wild Eyed” decrescendo before resurfacing and accompanied by sound effects and horns.

Skying proves a maturing for the band and unveils a new realm of sonic possibilities.

DOWNLOAD: “Still Life,” “You Said”

Check out The Horrors, you won’t be disappointed! No, really!

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