Apparat’s Heavenly Devil’s

A SUPER talented gent who is always creating music, there is just no stopping Sascha Ring! And that is a great thing! Blurt Magazine review below:

Berlin’s prolific electronic solo act Sascha Ring, aka Apparat, releases his 7th album, 8th if you count his collaboration with Modeselektor as Moderat. A quiet, ambient excursion from the beats and hip-hop influenced sounds of albums past; The Devil’s Walk proves aurally angelic.

Photo by Lars Borges
Photo by Lars Borges

 While the few instrumental tracks sound like the perfect backdrop for an ethereal moment in a movie, it is when Ring adds his calm vocals that The Devil’s Walk excels. “Candil De La Calle,” “Song of Los,” and “The Soft Voices Die” each trip in delicate loops that slowly build to form a cultivated and decidedly down-tempo pace.  Opener “Ash Black Veil” includes music that presents an uneasy, fast, kinetic feel that clashes with Ring’s voice and the occasional ring of a piano key. While “Your House Is My World” closes the album on a heart wrenchingly beautiful, quiet moment.

 The Devil’s Walks minimal electronic landscape is mesmerizing and perfect for a quiet, rainy day of contemplation.

 DOWNLOAD: “Black Water,” “Ash Black Veil” APRIL S. ENGRAM

Keep a close watch on this talented gent who appears to be endlessly creating music, and watch this live performance of my favorite track from The Devil’s Walk, Candil De La Calle (a performance that trumps the recording!):

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