Milagres is to Miracles…

as Glowing Mouth is to sonic gem. All right, ignoring that terrible, doesn’t-quite-work, SAT-esque sentence, Milagres’ latest album is simply beautiful. Their sophomore release, Glowing Mouth, illustrates a maturing for the Brooklyn band. They underwent a few changes before reaching this (dare I say it) pivotal point in their journey; in fact, these modifications are ones several bands make within their musical career.

Change the name. Check.

Alter their sound a bit. Check.

Have an accident in the woods that forces the lead singer to convalesce at home with nothing but his thoughts and a pad of paper to begin writing anew. Triple check.

Blurt review below:

New York quartet Milagres, Portuguese for miracles, underwent a metamorphosis. After two EPs the gents changed their name from The Secret Life of Sophia. It was during this transition they released 2008 debut Seven Summits; the LP slightly foreshadowed what would be the staple sound in Glowing Mouth.

An impressively eclectic album that defies a set genre, Glowing Mouth delicately balances its organic, ambient music with an electronic undertone. The album’s sound influenced by a hiking trip away from the big city, Wilson began cultivating Glowing Mouth. Calm numbers such as “Fright of Thee,” For Disposal,” and “Moon On The Sea’s Gate” maintain a stillness throughout that gives way to a chorus overwrought apprehension. And it is not only the music that takes us on this emotional ride; Wilson’s voice is an impressive instrument as well. Otherwise resting in the alto range, we are introduced to Wilson’s falsetto in “Halfway,” which is fully explored in the title track.

Swimming in catchy melodies and tantalizing music (along with Wilson’s vocal abilities), it may be difficult to select a favorite track within Glowing Mouth – but it’s quite easy to enjoy.

DOWNLOAD: “Glowing Mouth,” “To Be Imagined”

Be sure to visit Milagres’ site to discover more about this evolving band.

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