Damned Constant Future…

Parts & Labor returns with their fourth LP, Constant Future. And sure, our future may be ever looming and bleak but at least it sounds good. Parts & Labor’s lead singer, Dan Freil, injects a dose of morose with his lyrics as he scrutinizes life’s follies. And though the band has downsized from a quartet, you’d never know an instrument was subtracted from their “musical equation” as the three gents still manage to produce massive, harmonious commotion.

Blurt review below:

Photo by Brock Fetch
Photo by Brock Fetch

Nine years and counting, Brooklyn trio Parts & Labor continues to astound with the amount of layered, sonic commotion they can create with just drums, bass, a keyboard and a guitar. Constant Future, their fourth full length, bursts through 12 songs in a mere 39 minutes.

Perhaps this fast playback attributes to some songs blurring into one, but luckily there are a few tracks that rises above the amalgam and hook you with their catchy melodies and riffs. “Fake Names,” “Outnumbered” and “Neverchanger” are the definite forerunners; and though the dynamic music is entrancing, equally impressive are the existentially, poetic lyrics and Dan Freil’s fast delivery. How often does one utilize words such as “beleaguered” and “unencumbered” in one song (“Outnumbered”)? Constant Future is an adrenaline charged album that proves Parts & Labor still know how to rock.

DOWNLOAD: “Outnumbered,” “Skin and Bones”

Be sure to visit Parts & Labor’s site to discover more about this kinetic, noise band.

Drum roll for my favorite track, “Skin and Bones!”

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