AgesandAges Is Restless

Alright You Restless proves to be a strong debut from a blossoming band. What else can you suspect from a seven piece, alt-folk band from Portland whose producer was Viva Voce‘s Kevin Robinson? (And if you are not familiar with the Viva’s click on that link back there.)

Some words I used to describe Restless…”organic, emotive, upbeat, positive, charming…” Sounds good so far? Then read the full Blurt review below:

Photo By: Alicia J. Rose

Portland seven-piece folk outfit, AgesandAges, releases an upbeat, positive debut that clandestinely lifts your spirits. Damn them. With their memorable harmonies and melodies Alright You Restless proves charmingly simple yet intricate. Though Tim Perry is the band’s lead vocalist, all members lend their voices and AgesandAges manages to beautifully balance everyone’s instruments (strings, drums and the occasional piano or accordion) to orchestrate heartfelt music that channels Americana.

“No Nostalgia,” “Alright, You Restless,” and “So So Freely” are all quality tracks where the music and Perry’s vocal stylings permeate your mind after several listens. Yet the songs that prove the most outstanding are those where the other members of AgesandAges join Perry. The two closing tracks, “When I Was Idle” and “Souvenir,” best illustrate this element and are the most pulsating numbers. Alright You Restless is an organic, emotive album that will remind music aficionados that good music thrives.

DOWNLOAD: “When I Was Idle,” “Souvenir”

And, of course, be sure to visit AgesandAges’ site find out more about this new, promising band.

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