101 Reasons to Love 101

101. It’s a delicately, beautiful album.
100. Keren Ann has…
99. = |

No way am I continuing that! But Keren Ann has indeed delivered a lovely LP that deserves all the praise it has received. For her sixth album the songstress melds jazz and folk to produce a gracefully lavish release. Read my Blurt review below:

101, Keren Ann’s sixth studio album, is a calm, jazzy and hauntingly beautiful foray into the lovelorn recesses of her mind; and the quiet, well orchestrated music perfectly complements Keren Ann’s gentle vocals. What’s equally impressive: Keren Ann’s lyrics. The title track is a spoken-word affair as she counts down from 101 random references such as “52 white keys” to “1 God.”

From the juxtaposed, cheeky, Bonnie and Clyde-esque song “Blood On My Hands” – chronicling her misadventures with a man toting “a Winchester pre-64” – to the contemplative, melancholic track “Strange Weather,” where she declares “I will love again,” Keren Ann covers the many facets of the subject.


Lead track “My Name Is Trouble,” the most upbeat song on the album, is immediately ear-catching; nevertheless, even the decidedly slow paced numbers begin to permeate your subconscious. 101’s subdued, ethereal atmosphere makes it an album to enjoy one quiet, pensive afternoon.

DOWNLOAD: “My Name Is Trouble,” “Run With You”

Be sure to visit Keren Ann’s site to discover more about this talented singer/songwriter.

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