Fujiya & Miyagi’s Dummy Act

Man! Every time I attempt a catchy headline it comes off snarky, but never fear! Snark not intended, in fact I’m talking about Fujiya & Miyagi’s latest LP Ventriloquizzing. This album finds Fujiya & Miyagi expanding their sounds to include darker hints.


Some have come to love it, some pine for the sounds of yesteryear. Read my review at Blurt below, check out Fujiya & Miyagi and take a listen to their older tracks. You weigh the difference…are you for the old or new F&M?

Ventriloquizzing continues down the mellow path of albums past with its slow, rhythmic reverberations that blend dance, rock and pop with British quartet Fujiya & Miyagi’s charmingly inane lyrics. And though they remain true to their laid-back approach to dance music, the delivery of the songs has metamorphosed into one that strays from the lively beats, balancing the relaxed melodies and introducing a darker undertone.


Gone are the semi-funk grooves of Transparent Things’ “Photocopier” and the upbeat, plucky beats of Light Bulbs’ “Pterodactyls” that perfectly complemented David Best’s vocals. What remains is an album layered with dark, methodically muted compositions for Best’s whispers to float between. By far the strongest track is the single “Sixteen Shades of Black and Blue,” while “Yo Yo” slightly picks up the pace mid-album and the heavy bass riff at the latter end of “Tinsel and Glitter” subsequently injects a jolt of adrenaline in Ventriloquizzing.

The crucial component that has made Fujiya & Miyagi an enticing band to follow has somewhat faded. Though there are a few tracks that successfully balance their signature of unconventional lyrics and quiet harmonies with dance and rock, it’s not quite enough to spark a dance party. Ventriloquizzing (their first non-self produced) is characterized by a new, melancholic direction, and to some the darkness may be interpreted as dreary.

DOWNLOAD: “Sixteen Shades of Black and Blue,” “Tinsel and Glitter”

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