LCD Is Happening

Can LCD Soundsystem ever do wrong? No really, not a rhetorical question…James Murphy is one talented musician and, with the aid of equally talented friends, always manages to create captivating albums. With This Is Happening he continues down the “kick ass dance music” path. This is a fine release that I REALLY enjoyed, read my Blurt review here, check out LCD if you are not already familiar with his work and BUY THIS ALBUM. I love it!

LCD Soundsystem can do no wrong sonically. James Murphy, the mastermind behind LCD and DFA
Records, has the knack and talent for creating bodaciously catchy tracks that will incite the most uncoordinated soul to dance. This Is Happening, only LCD’s third LP, continues in this impressive pattern and includes tracks that dip into Murphy’s customary genre pallet.

The hour long album includes nine tracks that range from ‘80s new wave to dance-punk to
hypnotic trance. And again Murphy contemplates sizeable subjects as love, life, and hypocrisy all behind the upbeat veil of electronics. Opener “Dance Yrself Clean” slowly pulls you into Murphy’s world as it quietly pulsates before exploding with drums, synths and beats. “You Wanted A Hit” touches on the 
exasperating demands of the music biz; with the chorus “We won’t be your babies anymore,” Murphy begins “You wanted a hit/But maybe we don’t do hits/I try and try /It ends up feeling kind of wrong.”

Perhaps this track is an insight to Murphy’s profession that This Is Happening may be his last LCD Soundsystem album. Hopefully those words were that of an overwrought artist in need of a siesta because This
Is Happening is a work of art.

Standout Tracks: “Dance Yrself Clean,” “You Wanted A Hit”

Here’s my favorite track from the album, You Wanted A Hit…wait for it folks, it’s an excellent build up!

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