Young Souls Seeking Soul?

I LOVE Cold War Kids. Their bluesy-soul, punk-rock tunes have always piqued my interest and I of course ran to see the guys live when they performed near me. This fulfilled the fan in me and made all of my hours listening to their music in my car, at work, in the morning while I brushed my teeth all the more self gratifying. Than came the opportunity to interview lead singer Nathan Willet (dude on the right in a semi-growl)…

*commence heavens opening and wee cherubs playing harps

Never fear, I did not act like a weird stalker girl, but maintained my composure and tried my best to ask Willet an array of questions that would give Blurt readers an insight on the Cali band. The end result, you ask? A fine feature interview by yours truly…an interview I am most proud of. And be sure to listen to Cold War Kids if you have not had the luxury of listening to their songs!

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