Datarock Stays RED!

If you are not familiar with the old school, 80s dance grooves of Datarock become acquainted! They quickly became known for their tongue-in-cheek, sarcastic, funny lyrics and addictive beats on their self-titled debut. With Red, their second full length release, they revel in 80s dance rock and while the entire album is not as catchy as their first, there are still some great tracks to get you moving.

My review for Blurt is here, and if you’re not familiar with Datarock, give ’em a listen here.

Here it is, easily the best track on the album, “True Stories.” An homage to Talking Heads, this song’s lyrics are titles of Talking Heads songs. Did I confuse you with that one? Apparently, singer Fredrik Saroea picked his favorite Heads’ songs and strewn the titles together…my favorite line “Psycho Killer, Radiohead, Tell The Fisherman, I’m Not In Love!” Awesome!

Datarock – True Stories
[audio: True Stories.mp3]

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