Cold War Kids Live…Need I Say More

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They were amazing, as I expected! However, the night began as a comedy of errors; not for the Kids…but for me. Several minutes were wasted by aimlessly driving through the twisting one way streets of downtown to reach the Music Hall. Then I searched for a close, but free, space to park. Twenty five minutes later we approach the closed, locked doors as security watched us stand in the cold (they were letting people in a few at the time). There were only four of us out there…

After a short wait we were allowed to enjoy the warm air of the club. First a bag check, then ID dude, then tickets. Three checkpoints. Excessive. Yet, after a brush with ID dude—his poor communication skills coupled with a certain writer forgetting her ID equated to the security guy puffing out his chest in my face in an attempt to intimidate said writer—then I was in the club. Sheesh! But after it was all said and done, Cold War Kids made my night!

Photo note: As they are used to the Californian sun, CWK must like to take a break from glaring lights when they perform live. The stage was REALLY dark while in the pit…didn’t walk away with many images. All shots were taken on B&W film, 28mm wide angles lens with the Minolta XG-1…

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