Four Bands Rockin’ NYC


It’s been a while since I’ve written for Artrocker so I’d thought that it was time to return to my British roots! They were the first mag to print an article of mine…additionally, I always love writing about bands that I think are deserving of a plug or two, hence New York’s A Go-Go! A write up of my four fave bands emerging from NYC with a new album this Spring…trust me, I have more than four NYC bands that I love but you have to reign it in a bit don’t ya?

So, who are the four you ask? In no particular order:
Matt and Kim
Say Hi
Harlem Shakes

What? Say Hi is not in NYC any longer you say? I know, but the NY native released a great album and I had to write a small piece on him…check out his album Oohs and Aahs…you will not be disappointed!

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