M. Ward Rave’s On

I walked into Buffalo’s Tralf Music Hall mildly familiar with M. Ward’s musical stylings…I admit I knew: that I really liked his track “To Go Home,” he is part of the duo She & Him (probably the only act where an actress can ACTUALLY sing-who knew, Guinness Book of Records?), that he has produced several artists, and that every other show he has is sold out! So when the Ward decided to grace lil’ ol’ Buffalo with his presence…I knew that I better go. Hold Time is a great album and though some of his tracks from releases old and new were a wee bit too “country” for my musical tastes…Ward was amazing!

Check out my review of his performance and if you are not familiar with the talented musician (which you should be!), check him out here!

Photo note: I’ve been to Tralf before but this night it was packed and I wormed my way as close to the stage as I could get…a few heads were still in my way. All images were taken on B&W film, 28mm wide angles lens with the Minolta XG-1…

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