Yeasayer Made the Night!

Article and Image Published w/ Filter Magazine

Bug Jar – 09.13.07
Filter Grade: 89%

After hearing Yeasayer’s single “2080” on the radio I wondered if a trip to local venue would be a worthy one. Standing in front of the stage and witnessing the guys complete just one song, the Brooklyn quartet shattered any qualms I had, the guys put on a passionate filled show that left not only me desiring to hear more when their short set was over.

Their sound is a fusion of many influences: electronica, soul, rock, psychedelic, reggae, and world; even the word gospel has been used to describe Yeasayer’s music. Regardless of the fact that one may find it difficult to place a label upon their sound due to its uniqueness, a fact that I appreciate, Yeasayer’s songs are captivating as was their live performance. Brimming with heavy bass, sound effects, an ethereal guitar and choppy drums, it’s hard not to enjoy their tunes.

Touring to promote their unreleased self-titled debut (due in late October) guitarist Anand Wilder, lead singer/keyboardist Chris Keating, bassist Ira Wolf Tuton, and drummer Luke Fasano began their month long tour with this show at the Bug Jar. The opening act introduced Yeasayer as Yeah-sayer when a member from the audience corrected him. As he contemplated the name and praised its ingenuity Keating yelled from the back of the crowd, “the name sucks” which made his band members have a good laugh. Once on stage themselves, Keating joked with the crowd that since we were witnesses to their first show of this tour, we may hear them “screw up” songs, “by Rhode Island we’ll sound great.” “Come to that show” another member joked. With my untrained ears, I certainly did not hear any flaws, and was marveled by the intensity and enthusiasm with which they played every song.

Unfortunately, the venue had an event after the live music so each band was allotted a short set of five to six songs. “Final Path,” “Sunrise” and new songs made the cut when suddenly a deep voice came over the speakers and said, one more song. Definitely not the voice of God, the sound tech reminded Yeasayer of the time so the guys closed with “2080.” With the song’s great chant along moments, it is easily my favorite. Yet, the show came to an end a little too soon for several people and as Yeasayer began to put down their instruments the crowd that gathered from the bar began yelling “encore…one more song!” As much as they wanted to oblige the crowd, Yeasayer had to end their set and quickly remove their instruments. “I wish we could,” Keating apologetically said to the crowd, “you’re going to have to come to Alfred University.” “I bet you’d play more for Alfred,” a disheartened listener said under her breath…can’t please them all I guess.

A unique band with an equally distinctive name, Yeasayer stole the show. I hope Yeasayer plans on spending more time away from their day jobs and continue touring, I’ve got to see them again.

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