Band Of The Week: Love is All

Article Published w/ Paste Magazine

Hometown: Gothenburg, Sweden

Fun Fact: A pre-performance ritual of the band involves the playing of Roger Glover’s “Love is All.”

Why It’s Worth Watching: Love is All specializes in infectiously lo-fi punk rock laced with saxophone and melodic vocals.

For Fans Of: Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Noisettes, Be Your Own Pet

Just like its bombastic tunes, Love is All has exploded forth onto the music scene with impressive debut, Nine Times That Same Song. Vocalist/keyboardist Josephine Olausson lends the rather sudden acclaim to fate. “Everything has sort of just happened,” she says. “It’s just been an endless period of good news. I’m not sure why this is. I sometimes think that we’ve been plain lucky.” Not long after the release of single, “Make Out Fall Out Make Up,” heaping praise (including an NME “single of the week” honor) culminated in a John Peel recording session before the release of the band’s proper full-length.

When said album did eventually find release, it came in the form of a half-hour jaunt of danceable goodies know as Nine Times That Same Song. Although the fusion of music influencing Love is All may seem unique to some, in name alone, these Swedes find common ground with at least one artistic moment from the past. “I was watching The Man from Uncle one night, and the episode was about some hippie sect,” Olausson says, “At the entry of the camp were these gates with the words ‘Love is All’ over them. For some reason I just thought it sounded so nice that I wanted to name the band Love is All. It took a while for the others to agree, though.”

Highly catchy, Love is All’s music has an organic feel thanks to a lo-fi approach to recording. “It’s all lo-fi because the songs were recorded in our practice space on pretty shitty equipment,” Olausson says. “It’s only recently that we bought some proper microphones and stuff.”

Nonetheless, this rudimentary approach is what makes Love is All even more enjoyable. Likewise, “Busy Doing Nothing,” perfectly encapsulates why the band is such a joy to listen to: Full of Olausson’s half-talking, half-singing vocal style, pulsating sax and wailing guitars, the tracks convey’s Love is All’s frenetic energy. For now, the band is unsure how that hyperactivity will translate to the sophomore effort. “We’re currently working on some new songs, but I have no idea if what is being produced has anything to do with what the final result will be like,” Olausson says. “We’re having trouble with our neighbors, so if we make any more noise we’ll be kicked out. Obviously, that is trouble for us since we like to make a lot of noise.”

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