Das Llamas: Recommended Band

Published w/ Artrocker

“From the gray city of Seattle rises the torch that is Das Llamas.” I couldn’t have thought of a better introduction to the Seattle quartet myself! ‘Who is Das Llamas?’ you ask; Kerry Zettel (Vocals, Bass, Keyboard), Shawn Kock (Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard), Thomas Burke (Drums), and Aaron Everett (Guitar). Four talented musicians creating crushing, dark, dance music. One read through Das Llamas’ bio will draw in any curious reader to take a listen to their tunes and see what the hype is about, and I assure you, the Llamas’ sound will not disappoint.

My intro to the band was upon hearing “Wood on Bone” pouring through the radio; I was instantly hooked by the rollercoaster ride I was experiencing. A song about beating several guys to a pulp with a bat including such lyrics as, “we took their money just for fun, we broke their legs so they won’t run,” (hence “Wood on Bone”). The music is appropriately dark; yet, simultaneously the dance, electro beats forces you to bop about in celebration. Zettel’s deep, melodic voice coupled with heavy bass, buzz out guitars and Burke’s spastic, rhythmic, out of this world drumming easily makes this track highly infectious.

Das Llamas released their first LP, World Wars, earlier this year. Though only eight tracks long, Wars is a great collection of electric songs that will make listeners rock out til the end. Until Das Llamas tours out of their native Seattle, we have to fill the void; turn your stereo dials up to 11 and rock out!

Check them out on Myspace

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